Annuities & Income Drawdown


Pension Freedom Rules apply from April 2015 – Annuity or Flexible Income Drawdown? – please contact Earlsmere IFAon 01226 287147 to discuss your new pension income options.
Our Annuity Service

Earlsmere Independent Financial Advisers have a wealth of experience in delivering retirement and annuity advice to our clients. We are an experienced, firm who’s aim is to make the annuity advice and selection process as easy as possible while providing you with the very best annuity rates for your individual circumstances.
Open Market Option

You do not have to buy an annuity from your pension provider. You can shop around to find the best rates for your circumstances.

How We Can Help You Get The Best Annuity Deal For Your Circumstances
Annuity options can be complicated, but we will help you to make the process as easy as possible. Our experienced friendly adviser has a wealth of experienced in helping people with their retirement choices.
We will explain your options in straight forward, easy to understand language to guide you to the choice that best meets your needs
We can really make a difference. It is vital you receive independent advice on your annuity options, and the choices you make now will have an impact for the rest of your life.

Income Drawdown
With income drawdown, your pension fund remains invested and you are able to drawdown funds within government actuiary guidelines (GAD)

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